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Curating your Wedding Details for Magazine-Worthy Images

I am so excited for today’s guest blog post from Cam + Tia! We love working with them and always leave wedding day feeling rejuvenated with the energy they bring with them. Not only are they great humans but their photos are always stunning, and their styling blows me away (teach me your waaaaays). They are popping in to give us tips on making sure your wedding day details are top notch! It is my pleasure to introduce you to Cam + Tia Goff, the duo behind Cam + Tia Photography!

Hey y’all!! We’re Cameron & Tia, high school sweethearts turned wedding photographers. We’re always game for an adventure and will provide ya with some full belly laughs (no additional charge). We are SO honored to guest blog on Ashley’s blog, because well, if you’re already here, you know that Ashley and her team are THE BEST!! Today, we’re sharing our perspective on how to curate your wedding details for magazine worthy images.

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With so many things to coordinate, your wedding day details (the shoes, invitation suite, cuff links, and more) are probably some of the smallest - physically and figuratively – but when coordinated successfully, they can make a huge impact! Getting your wedding published in a magazine may not be a life goal of yours, but it is pretty darn cool! Not only does it show off your vendors and venue, but also YOU and your big day! It’s something fun to add to the scrapbook. So shoot for the stars!

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So, how do you get there? To start, we want your wedding to be authentically YOU but there are a few little tips to consider when you’re coordinating your wedding day details to increase the beauty of your wedding detail images (and increase the chances of your wedding ending up in print)!

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Step One: Think through every little detail before you finalize it. When you’re ordering your save the date, you need to think all the way into the future. If you order the save the date with the gorgeous gold embossing now and then later down the road choose a bunch of silver jewelry all of those pieces won’t complement each other. You need to see the bigger vision and coordinate the color palette. Think about it from start to finish – the invitation suite, the reception décor, the bridesmaids’ bouquets. Match metals. Have one consistent color palette.

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Step Two: Give your photographer everything the morning of your wedding. Not your social security number or your passport, don’t worry! But ALL the fun details. Don’t hold back and think it’s not significant, but we want it all!

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When your photographer arrives for you getting ready moments and detail shots, it helps to have a “Detail Bag” assembled with all of the items that you would like them to style. Please put these items in a bag or box (so it’s easy for you to keep track of and you can just pass off to them when we arrive). Here are all of the things we request:


· Any Paper Goods (Invitation, Save the Date, program, etc) – with the invitation suite, include all pieces – two sets of the invitation (so we can photograph front and back), RSVP card, envelopes, stamps, etc

· Jewelry/Accessories (ALL – earrings, necklaces, hair pieces, bracelet, veil, belt, etc)

· Shoes (both groom’s and bride’s)

· Groom’s Accessories: Watches, cuff links, tie, socks, etc

· Rings (Engagement Ring and Bride and Groom’s wedding bands)

· Any extras: ring boxes, heirloom pieces, ring boxes, extra flowers from your florist, gifts for out-of-town guests, favors

· The bridal bouquet

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Step Three: add a few things that waaaay up level your detail game:

Invest in a ring box. There are tons of cute ones that not only are a great place to store your ring while you hop in the shower, but will take your wedding photos to the next level. The Mrs. Box are epic! Choose the color to tie everything together! There are tons of more affordable options also on Etsy.

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Have some fun silk ribbon on hand in your wedding colors. Our favorite vendor is Bertie and Fred. While we have a handful of colors on hand always, if you want to make sure it looks great with your palette, order some to have ready!

We always ask our brides to have their gowns hanging from a non-plastic hanger with any pins or stuffing removed. This gives us more time to find the perfect place to photograph their dress, rather than spending those precious moments unpinning and hanging. But don’t worry about getting a crazy hanger with your new last name on it. We recommend keeping it simple and we’ve got an entire blog post all about hangers.

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And that’s it: as easy as 1, 2, 3! Get curating and you’re going to have the most beautiful wedding details in all the land! Questions? Head on over to our website with any questions!

Thank you so much Cam + Tia for popping in today! I already have a few ring boxes added to my shopping cart! These were excellent tips and I can’t wait to see how you style our clients goodies in the future!